New work and new inspirations for the upcoming Open Studios, October, 2016

Our son is recently married to a lovely Italian woman and they are living in Italy — so we’ve been over there twice in the last year.  We’ve seen the beautiful cities of Genoa, Florence, Venice, Rome, and Naples. And I’ve never seen anything more gorgeous than the Tuscany countryside or the Mediterraneascent_to_sanctuarycropan coast.  It’s been absolutely wonderful to stay with and travel with our Italian relatives and I’m in love with that amazing country — both the culture and landscape combined with the incredible history and art and architecture have inspired me in many ways.

My photos and memories of our trips are prompting me to add new elements to some of my paintings:  towers, buildings, arches, windows, decoration, ceramics, — it’s all showing up in my new work and will be available at my studio the first two weekends in Oct.